Dog Harnesses - A Good Investment

For such a small price to pay, a best dog harness can be a good investment for many canine owners. Using one can lead to your dog having more enjoyable walks, less stress, and even make them healthier. So, maybe it's time to throw out the old leash and collar, and trade it in for a harness.


Some people may know what dog harnesses are, but still many owners do not. While there are many variations and types of harnesses out there, the basic principle behind them remains the same. It is a set of straps made to fit underneath your dogs torso. This allows the weight to distribute evenly throughout their body, and cause less stress on any specific area.


Have you ever seen a dog choke themselves when they are being walked with a collar and leash? Sure, most dogs remain calm and collect, but hyper-active canines will try to run off from their owners, causing stress on their neck. I have a Labrador who used to do this all the time. She would literally try to sprint away while I walked her, and this would cause her to choke herself. After doing some research I found that a dog harness could be a simple solution to the problem. As soon as I began using a harness with her, I could immediately tell she was more comfortable and certainly not choking herself anymore.


Such stress on a dogs neck can actually lead to real physical injuries, such as swelling in the throat, difficulty breathing and swallowing, and gagging. More serious injuries could occur if a dog is being choke for too long, even death.



Dogs choking themselves is bad enough, but many canines develop a fear of being walked because of it. This can cause your dog to cower in fear and hide anytime you want to take them outside. If your dog is already like this, first get a harness and give them a treat every time you want to walk them, and remember to only walk them with a harness. This should help your canine associate walks with being good, and since there is no stress on their neck, they should enjoy it much more.


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