Face Reading and Morphopsychology - How it Cannot Be Discriminating

Most of your friends do not believe it possible to "judge," or appreciate somebody at a glance. They think it is discriminating to use the features of someone's face to know the hidden personality behind this Modern Face Reading.


There are several reasons why you can assert that morphopsychology is not discriminating. Let us consider some of them. Louis Corman, the creator of this science (he wrote his first book in 1937), spent all his life to help others as a pediatric doctor. He thus could not have set up a method to harm anybody.


The morphopsychologists keep in mind the slogan Corman gave them: "Not to judge but to understand."


The writing of a morphopsychological portrait has to comply with the rules that Dr. Corman set up himself. Applying these rules forbids the morphopsychologist to deviate. Doing so the morphopsychologist notices the positive points of the personality he studies. He aims to find out what the real potential in the person he observes is.


When you take a snapshot, you cannot say the snapshot is discriminating, can you? When a journalist describes a scene, he is no more discriminating in doing so, when a morphopsychologist describes what he actually sees he is not discriminating either. He would be if he used words or verbs expressing his feelings. The morphopsychologist uses neutral words or verbs, he does not talk about what he thinks but talks about what he can see. That makes a great difference.


When you describe, you do not judge, you just explain what you see; that is to say what really exists.


In fact, most morphopsychologists use positive words to explain what they observe. We have only qualities. Some are displayed in a moderate/reasonable manner; others are overstated or, in other words, exaggerated. These 'exaggerated' qualities are often called "defaults" or "failures." Such words are not used in morphopsychological portraits.



These are only a few reasons why you can be convinced that morphopsychology is NOT discriminating; and this is also the way the job is done as a morphopsychologist. No morphopsychologist has never been alleged to "judge" or write any kind of negative criticism. On the contrary all the individuals portrayed so far commented that only their qualities were notice and that all the remarks are written in positive terms.


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