Modular Exhibition Display Stands Explained

A modular display stand is constructed out of a lightweight metal framework that can be built in to any format that a particular show may require. The framework is then covered seamlessly in your businesses exhibition graphics. Some designs even allow for a totally tool free build, simply using metal clips to bind each piece of framework, which allows a great freedom for creating angles.


Space and weight when transporting you exhibition displays to a trade show can be a worrying issue, the fact modular exhibition display stands are built out of framework allows them to be stored and transported in small travelling cases, which is a massive advantage over other exhibition stands.


Your choice of graphics for your display stands will be critically important; the ratio between the text, space and pictures needs to be thoughtfully considered as well as deciding on a clear message you want to put across to exhibition attendees.  Large pictures and small text would suit more product based companies, and larger text would better suit businesses providing a service.


Modular exhibition stands can be used to create a wonderful looking and eye catching backdrop to your exhibit space, optional extras you could use to further enhance the look and functionality of the display is shelves, plasma mounts and lighting.



When choosing exhibition stands you may see the price of pop up stands and banner stands, and be swung towards them as a more price effective option, but they really don’t have the same impressive impact.


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