Why Hot Beats Are Important

Hot beats are vital to the success of recording artists in the music industry. Whether he/she is using hip hop beats, pop beats, R&B beats, or rap instrumentals, it is critical that the beats be "hot". Why is this? In order to understand why hot beats are important we must first define what "hot" is.


What are "Hot" Beats?


A "hot" beat is an instrumental or musical composition that is determined by the artist to be commercially marketable or desirable by his/her fan base or to him/herself. This type of instrumental usually inspires some type of feeling or emotion from the recording artist. This emotion could be excitement, sadness, anger, depression,etc.


Hot Beats & Record Sales


These types of instrumentals also play an integral role in album sales for recording artists. Having good Bryson Tiller type beat on an album has a direct effect on record sales, especially in the genres hip hop and pop. Recording artists such as Rick Ross and Lady Gaga are known for choosing the highest quality, industry standard pop beats & rap instrumentals for their albums. The beats they put their lyrics to create songs that have a significant impact on their music careers and record sales.


Lady Gaga's choice of pop beats are always cutting edge and so are her songs. The result is that her latest album Born This Way sold 1.11 million in its first week!!


The same can be said of Rick Ross. His first week sales for his album releases were as follows:


Port Of Miami 187,000


Trilla 198,000


Deeper Than Rap 158,000


Teflon Don 176,000


Much of both artists' success can be attributed, in part, to the beats they chose for their albums.


Instrumentals and You


If you are a recording artist and you are searching for hot beats, there is one question that you must ask yourself:


1. Does this beat inspire me?


Does the beat or instrumental draw out an emotion within you? Does the beat make you feel important? Does it make you feel sad? Are you angry after you finish listening to the instrumental? Does it arouse you to action?


Music is about expressing oneself or expressing an emotion. This all begins with the musical composition chosen by the artist. If a beat is not hot, it will be more challenging for an artist or songwriter to convey their feelings and emotions in the final product (the song).


Beats vs Lyrics



Some people may consider the growing importance of hot beats to be the downfall of the music industry. They reason that fans and listeners have become too focused on beats rather than the lyrical content of songs. On the contrary, hot beats have been the catalyst to increasing artists' creativity and adding more depth to their songwriting. When listeners hear a hot instrumental they are immediately drawn in to listen for more. This is key for upcoming musicians and recording artists as it is sometimes difficult for these people to "break" into the music industry.


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