5 Rules for Effective Financial Advisor Brochure Design

Brochure design plays an important role in the success of your financial advisory firm. Your brochure sets the tone for your brand and helps potential affluent clients decide if they would like to do business with you. Making sure you create the right design for your brochure should be one of the most important branding decisions you make. Here are five rules for effective brochure design.


1. Brand - The most important brochure design rule is your brand. Because there are so many mass marketers in financial services, creating an upscale brand is key. Utilize colors, style, and texture in your logo so that your brand is unique to your firm. To strengthen your brand, develop a tagline that communicates benefits of working with you and display it on the front of your brochure with your business name.


2. Unique Design - The popularity of the tri-fold brochure design made it ubiquitous and therefore run of the mill. The tri-fold is a stock shape and size with many templates that are widely overused. Strive for creativity in your design by using unique style and unique shape. There are many options for unique design that are not expensive and can be created for advisors on a budget.


3. Digital - The internet age makes a digital brochure an absolute requirement. Because affluent clients are cautious and prefer to conduct research anonymously, having a downloadable brochure on your website is a top priority https://advisortlc.com/. Affluent clients will download your brochure and save it to their iPad or laptop to review and form their own opinions.


4. Infographic - Due to the left-brained nature of wealth management and financial planning, using a visual illustration that symbolizes your financial process helps potential clients get it straight in their minds how you can help them. An illustration visually walks prospects through each step of your process and helps them see the value in what you do. This is a must-have element in your design.


5. Information - The final element in effective brochure design is your choice of information to include in the design. Although you may want to include everything but the kitchen sink, try to limit what you include in the brochure to the following key information. Who we are; what we do; what makes us different. Because your goal is always to have clients take the next step, include several calls to action throughout your piece such as: Call today for a complimentary review; call today to learn more; schedule a complimentary consultation; or complete our new client process.



Conclusion - Utilizing these five rules for effective brochure design will help you attract your ideal clients, allow them to see how you are different, help them understand the wealth management process, and encourage them to take action and contact you.


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