The Three Main Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

Every year, about 43,000,000 Americans move into a new house or apartment. That is about 17% of the population. The most common reason for relocating was to find a better home or neighborhood. 85% of people relocated within their own state, compared with 13% who moved to a new state, and 2% who moved to a new country. Relocating from one home to a new one can be a stressful time for everyone involved. One of the best ways to alleviate that stress is to hire a household moving company. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring professionals the next time you relocate.


Packing up an entire household and transporting it across the state or country, or even just across town, is a lot of physical labor. One of the most common injuries is a strained back. The repeated lifting of boxes, furniture, and other household items puts an enormous amount of stress on a person's back, especially with incorrect posture. Other common injuries are sprained and broken fingers and toes. These often occur from dropped furniture or while trying to maneuver large items through narrow doorways. A moving company will ensure that your physical labor will consist of opening the door and pointing directions to the movers.


Along with boxing up and relocating all of your worldly possessions, moving to a new home requires a lot of planning. You have to turn on the utilities in the new location and cancel them in the old one. You have to sign a lease, forward your mail, and update your address online, at work, and at school. Families that are relocating will often encounter additional complications. The best way to focus on the details is to let a moving company handle the physical transportation of your belongings. This choice will allow you complete all of the small errands that are involved with a relocation while leaving time for family and relaxation.



When you transport an entire household from one location to another, there is a good chance that something may get broken. When you handle the goods yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself if something is damaged. If you hire a moving company, damage is less likely to happen. If it does, it will be covered by insurance. Professionals that handle crystal and china every day know how to properly pack it to prevent damage. They know that the glass doors to the antique hutch need to be secured before it is picked up. In case an accident happens, make sure that the moving company you hire has insurance.


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