Increase your business revenue! Accept credit cards online

"We take credit cards" is a statement you have to have in order to run any type of business, grocery stores and other retailer outlets.  A number of years back there were only a few lucky stores that were able to accept credit cards online.  You had to have EXCELLENT credit and a somewhat established business.  Now any start up business can offer the convenience of shopping with credit cards to their customers.  Along with startups the market has opened up for business owners with bad credit.


Very few people carry cash on them.  The other day I was at a restaurant who was having trouble with its credit card machine.  They had to post a sign on their door that they could only accept Cash or Checks.  Who carries a checkbook these days!  My friends and I had to go to an ATM machine a few doors down to get the cash to pay for our lunch which was VERY inconvenient!  You should have seen the chaos going on at the other tables.  Lots of angry people, especially when the owner stated if you need to go to an ATM they would need to hold on to your Drivers license to make sure you come back! Sitting at my table, waiting for my change, I watched people come to their door, read the sign and then walk away!.  I wonder how much money they lost that day due to their credit card machine being down!  They also unfortunately generated a lot of "ill will" from the clients that walked in there and felt like they were treated like potential criminals.


I expect that restaurant lost $100s if not $1000s that day.  Is your business losing out as well?  Whether your business is online or offline.  Accepting credit cards is an ABSOLUTE MUST! 


Are you afraid of the fraud that is connected with accepting credit cards online?  Here are a few tips.


1.      Be wary of people whose shipping address and billing address are different.  Give them a call and verify.

2.      Use a fraud profiling service like

3.      Keep track of all IP#s

4.      Always require the security code found on the back of Visa & Mastercards, and on the front of American Express cards

5.      Ship your orders with a tracking number and require a signature

6.      Make sure your website is PCI-compliant


Accepting credit cards online is a MUST.  Whether you are a small business or a large one.  Good credit or bad.  Sites like have made it easy for businesses to get accepted for their own merchant account.  Already have a merchant account?  But high fees?  Contact one of their representatives and they will go over your latest merchant account statement and if its possible to save you money...... They Will!



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