How to Ask for a Raise You Deserve

Before asking for a raise, think about whether or not you are deserving of one. You also have to consider if your company is in a good financial standing to be granting you your request. When you are sure that asking for a raise is something you are in the right position to do, learn how to ask for a raise so that you will be prepared and know exactly what is needed for you to be successful in getting that raise you deserve.


First thing is you need to evaluate your performance in the company. List down all your accomplishments and what you have done that has benefited or brought profit to the business. Include your skills and contributions as well and try to be as detailed as possible, for instance by stating the percentage you have increased sales or number of clients you have brought into the company.


Do research on what salary you really should be receiving for your experience and position. This way you will know what is the proper raise to request for and not go overboard. You can check with your colleagues, do research online, and even call labor associations so you can get the right information. Salaries vary as well depending on geographical location so you need to take that into consideration and be sure to get the right amount for your area.


You also need to study the mood of your boss and determine the proper time to give your request. Certainly you want to catch him or her at the right time so that your pay raise will be considered. When you know the time is right, make an appointment and be sure that all your supporting documents to defend your request is ready.


It is expected that you won't be getting exactly what you ask for, so if you want a 8% salary increase, it is better for you to ask for 10% so that you will still end up with the amount you were hoping for. Be flexible and consider other options because if the company can't give you the raise you are expecting, be open to receiving other benefits such as more vacation days, etc.



These are all the things you need to know on how to ask for a raise that you know you are deserving of. If you don't exactly have accomplishments to back up your raise, then perhaps you need to re-think your plan and make a request when you do have achievements to show. With hard work, you shouldn't have any problems getting that raise you have clearly earned.


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