3 Inexpensive Ways to Create Traffic to Your Website

If you are in Internet Marketing, the most important thing you have to do is to create traffic to your website. Internet marketers build their own websites to promote their products and then market their websites through different methods with the objective of driving traffic to their websites.


There are several strategies to implement to create traffic to your website. Here are 3 very easy ways:


List Marketing:


It is very important to build your list of subscribers. Creating a squeeze page and offering visitors something for free is a good way. You can offer free eBooks or reports in return for their name and email before they can download. In the lure of the free gift, people will definitely enter their email ids here and you build your opt in list. You can email these people again and again with your different promotions and opportunities as well as content, which will give them information and also bring them back to your website. This is a great way of promoting your website.


Article Marketing


Write informative articles related to your business and post them in different article directories. Create an author box below the article where you promote your business and provide a link to your website. When people search for information on the Internet related to your keywords, they will be driven to these articles. This will attract interested visitors back to your website and how to create traffic to your website.




Blogging is very popular today. These posts are more informal and conversational, and attract many visitors. Blog about your business in the different blog directories. Also here provide a link back to your website so people can visit from there.


Finally, have a website that is clean and easy to navigate. Create a good impression and make it easy to find your products. If you have an opt in box make it very visible on your first page. The simpler it is to find directions to what you want them to do on your website, the better results you will get.


There are many other ways to create traffic to your website but these are 3 of the most efficient and inexpensive ways. You can actually apply these three methods without spending any money. If you are looking to simplify the way to create traffic and get results, simply apply one or all of these methods.

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