Why Jawbone Bluetooth Headsets Are the Most Talked About Cellphone Accessories

Out of all the many cellphone accessories on the market today, Blue Tooth headsets have really proven to be some of the most useful pieces, thanks to their ability to allow users to have their hands free while driving. In a matter of a few short years, the use of Bluetooth enabled devices has skyrocketed to more than 125 million in the United States. That increase in users can most likely be attributed to the fine-tuning of the technology and the advent of such lauded devices as Jawbone Bluetooth headsets. These headsets have become popular for quite a few reasons -- they're good-looking, they're laden with all kinds of great features, and they're reliable. Here's a closer look at some of the more compelling reasons as to why the Jawbone Bluetooth are some of the most talked about headsets.


First, Jawbone UP24 Review produces standard over-the-ear headsets featuring a Voice Activity Sensor, multiple microphones for noise cancellation and voice enhancement, an Aliph-designed noise shielding DSP. For the longest time, noise-eliminating Bluetooth headsets were something to be desired, but thanks to the Jawbone Bluetooth that long sought after feature is a reality. The secret is Noise Shield, a military grade technology originally developed for use in tanks and helicopters. Jawbone technology identifies and isolates your speech, thanks to its proprietary voice activity sensor. In other words, it has the ability to determine exactly when you're speaking, eliminating any feedback or echo. Another key feature of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets is their ability to subtract background noise from your speech. This is accomplished through the proprietary software that samples sounds in your range and eliminates them when you speak through the microphone. The devices also sport frequency boosting and automatic volume control to help the user hear incoming calls when moving between noisy and quiet environments.


Another huge breakout feature by Jawbone Bluetooth is the MyTalk feature. Essentially, it is an operating system on a chip. So if you're using your Jawbone Bluetooth with an iPhone, you'll see a visual battery meter of the Jawbone in the upper right corner, right next to the iPhone's battery status. Another great thing about MyTalk is that you can plug the Jawbone into your computer and customize it with a variety of Audio and Dial apps. The audio apps are in essence voice profiles of various different personalities that are used for spoken alerts on the headsets. They announce things like an incoming caller and the headset's battery status. The dial apps are basically speed dial numbers you can program to the Talk button on the headset. There is VoiceDials, Directory assistance, 1800Free411, Jott (a organizing service that lets you verbally record notes and reminders).


Besides the wonderfully innovative technical options, Jawbone Bluetooth produces some of the most attractive headsets on the market today. Popular models come in six different sleek and stylish designs, with an on/off switch on the back, and many different earbud fit options, a step up from uncomfortable and awkward earbuds of the past.

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