Selling Source Code, the Right Way

Considering how lucrative and widespread the mobile app development has become, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many people are looking into slicing themselves a piece of the sweet pie. But this isn't an easy job, though. It's actually a whole lot of work in order to create and market an mobile app to the right audience in order to reap a proper.


The fact that every hour, the app store sees dozens and dozens of developers, upload apps, you can imagine about the size of the competition a newcomer has to face. Sadly, this means that a lot of people with dreams of making it big with their app ideas have to depressing ends wherein their investment and time wasn't met with the punitive success that they were aiming for.


And a big part of this is how well you can attract customers to your app with the price factor. Of course, people start out by having their apps released for free and leveraging on ads, but that shouldn't be your rule. If you've come up with a good app that will add value to the users' lives then you can sell your app for a price.


But what if you have another plan? If you're planning to sell your android source code off for app flipping for example, then make sure that the product is properly priced.


Here are some points to consider before you put a price on your project so that it is more likely to be popular with your target audience and subsequently, profitable for you.


One thing that can help you a lot to come to a conclusion about the price of the app that you want to zero in on, is what others are doing. That's right, market analyses does help in cases like these, since you don't want to aim for the Moon, so that your potential buyers never think to buy source code from you. Do you find that the app that you're putting up to sale is pretty popular? Then don't hesitate to add up a dollar or two.


A big aspect about your app's price will depend upon the user base that it has. The more users equals a higher price at which you can sell the source code for the app.


The next bit may test your moral being more than you think. You, as a seller should try and be honest in your dealings and offer your source code up for grabs at a resonable balance of your fantasy and reality in terms of price. You should take a moment to think about how it's going to benefit the users that you are targeting.


Make sure that the users who buy source code from you get a bang for their buck, as this will not only ensure that you have a loyal customer that will promote your business and name, but also recommend you to potential customers. It's a great thing to have all the necessary documentation at place so that your customers have no issues when dealing with your project. Many people have started including video tutorials that offer great help as compared to a text manual.

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