Different Types of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a classic. Just about every woman owns a pair or six. Even some men wear a stud or two nowadays. There are many different types of studs, and there is something out there that's perfect for every budget. Some people prefer to spend more money, so they may opt for a pair of diamond stud earrings. Others don't have as much cash, so they might go with a sterling silver set. Still others could opt for costume earrings, with everything from fake diamonds and gems to colorful rocks and charms resting between the prongs. Rest assured, if you are searching for the right pair of earrings, there is something out there that will perfectly suit your taste.


Jade stud earrings are a classic, and most women love them to pieces. Once you choose the right sized diamond to fit your budget, then you need to decide what type of setting you would like. There are many variations in styles of settings, the most common of which are number of prongs. The shape of the diamond dictates the number of prongs, because there must be enough support to ensure the precious jewel will not fall out of the setting - it must be secure. Luckily, the diamond industry has issued guidelines for the number of prongs a piece of jewelry with diamonds must have. For example, a set of princess cut diamond stud earrings must have four prongs, and a pair of heart-shaped diamond studs should have five. When you purchase a set, make sure you visit a licensed jeweler, and ask about the prong number and the setting standards for the diamond earrings that you select.


If you opt to buy sterling silver stud earrings instead, then you should consider choosing genuine sterling silver. It's not as expensive as diamond studs, and you will be able to avoid possibly losing the diamond if it falls from the setting. By choosing a high-quality metal like sterling silver, you'll also reduce the risk of damaging your earlobe with cheaper metal. You should definitely steer clear of these kinds of metals; they're generally made from artificial alloys, cheap metals that have a reputation for turning your ear green. If you want quality but you can't pay for gold or diamonds, then consider opting for sterling silver studs for yourself or your sweetie.


There are many occasions where fake stud earrings are perfectly acceptable to wear. For instance, many costume jewelry stores offer a range of pairs in a variety of materials other than cheap alloy, so you can keep your ears safe while still saving a bundle of money. You can find a variety of great sets of stud earrings, such as pairs with gems, fake diamonds, inspirational or edgy wording, special inscriptions, fun charms, or various shapes. If you are planning to wear your earrings to casual events or as everyday accessories, then choosing a pair of costume studs may be a great option for you.

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