The Advantage of Vegetable Oil for Pellet Mill Production

You can find various methods to increate the biomass pellets quality. As an illustration, using binding agent is one element you can think about. Besides that, there are many other material to be used as binding agent. But here we strongly suggest utilising vegetable oil.


It is not difficult to answer this question. Some components, for example, like wood, don't need to put the binders, since there are already enough lignin inside the cell of the wood. The lignin is a kind of sugar. The content of lignin decides the solidity of the plant. So you can see why wood is so hard in all the plants. The pellet mill will generate heat and pressure to soften the lignin and then the raw material can be bind together by the lignin. When the pellets leave the pellet mill, the lignin will be cooled down and enable the pellets to become harder and solid. Consequently, if you are coping with the raw material that is deficient in lignin, the pellets will break down easily if you don't add the extra binding agent which can make them become more condensed.


Inexpensive price and good effect are the two important factors that why vegetable is favoured. Also you can contemplate adding other Pellet Binders something like starch, dried distiller grain, which is a bit more high priced than vegetable oil.


Apart from what we mention before, you can also figure out vegetable oil still has other uses. To illustrate, vegetable oil can help you remove the corrosive substance within the pellet mill before you'll commence the pellet mill production. This can better maintain the function of the machine. Even during the biomass pellet production, vegetable oil can also be very beneficial. It can help reduce the pressure. If you are doing pellets with some very hard material such as wood, the pressure it produces would somehow degrade the pellet mill die and gives you excellent effect.


However, it doesn't suggest the more vegetable oil, the better the pellet quality would be. If you use too much vegetable oil, the result will not be better but also squander money. If you are not sure about the proper dosage, you can check with the pellet mill manufacturer or other skilled pellets maker. Also, you can use small dosage at first, then gradually adjust the use level according to the real fact.

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