Use Low Fat Hummus When Dieting

Did you know that there is low fat hummus? Hummus has become more popular a dish even beyond the Middle East cultures and societies. The fact is that hummus has grown so popular as a dish and numerous cooks that pick up the mainstream recipes come with their own inventions Thanks to those more inclined towards healthy eating, there are various hummus recipes that have been tailored to cater to those who need healthy living and healthy eating habits.


There are so many recipes and variations of this wonderful dish, but what you need to grasp is that recipes are largely determined by the cooks' preferences and the repertoire of ideas that they have been exposed to. What is also important about these recipes is that some of them are largely based on specific dietary requirements without compromising on taste. Most formulas are very high in calories and if you are not careful you will enjoy the great taste to the detriment of your health.


If you love hummus dishes, it will be best to settle for low fat hummus that will give you that great taste without putting your health at risk. These recipes will certainly be most welcome in circles of those that are on stringent dietary plans and those watching the weight factor closely. One of the most delicious foods that you can prepare for yourself if you prefer low fat variety is the hummus dish that has the traditional tahini replaced with yogurt. Other key hummus ingredients will be maintained.


Once you have put together the required ingredients for this kind of Hummus calories info you will then have to place all these items in a food processor or blender. Let your blender or food processor run your mix of yogurt, lemon juice and garlic and the liquid from the chickpeas or garbanzo beans. After blending well you can then add salt and cumin and continue to blend until you get a creamy dip out of the mix.


What may happen in the blending process during preparation is that the hummus may become too thick to process. Once this happens, what you can do is to add some splash of liquid. This can be some water or some olive oil. If you will go for the olive oil option, remember to keep this in very low quantities because what you are preparing here is a low fat dish. Warm water may be the appropriate option for you as well.


Various low fat hummus recipes that you can consider exist, and you can do well to master all these. Putting together these dishes is very simple as long as you grasp the instructions and you have the appropriate ingredients to achieve the specific dish. If you do not have the ingredients as stipulated you can settle for fitting substitutes that can still enable you to get a good result. Ideas will come when you expose yourself to as many options, variations and recipes as possible.

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