4 Money Saving Tips For Your Goa Holiday

Your Goa holiday package has to be well planned and you have to stick to your plan if you do not want to burn a hole in your bank account. Goa is an enthralling place; the trance it engulfs you in will make you feel like you are living the perfect life in paradise. However, it is just a matter of a few days before you will be packing your bags as reality will strike that your dreamy vacation is over and so are your savings. The lifestyle in Goa is laidback indeed but a holiday to Goa can prove to be expensive. Follow these tips to cut down on your cost while in Goa.


Breathe the economic air in Goa:


1. Food


If your itinerary includes more of entertainment and less of rest, then boogie to the beach shacks to satisfy your hunger pangs and strike a deal with local lodges enclosing the beach instead of exquisite hotels. This will not only help save your money, but will also give you a taste of authentic, mouthwatering Goan flavors.


2. Accommodation:


Make sure you are associated with an authentic and genuine travel agency. Skim through some profitable and cheap deals. When on a budget, lodges and shacks hold prominence of being comfortable and reasonable. It is obvious that when you are accompanied by kids, expenses tend to soar, thus avoid luxury hotels.


3. Shopping:


Few souvenirs are acceptable, but do not end up shopping for each and everything unless useful. Shop at flea markets and don't forget to bargain. The flea market at Anjuna is extremely popular and you will find some amazing stuff there. Pack adequate clothes, to avoid splurging on clothes.


4. Travel:


Book your tickets to Goa well in advance. Last minute bookings will be heavy on your pocket. Off-season traveling is the best. Less of crowds and miscellaneous factors like rents are low. The rates of everything available in Goa are hiked during season time. Off-season budget is well suited for people on a close-fisted spending plan. Bargain whenever possible. The exotic beauty of Goa does not fade away throughout the year, thus you can make the best of your Goa holiday during the monsoons and summers. Motorcycles and cars can be hired from locals. For convenient travelling, a motorcycle or car is must, as the public transport halts their service at 8 in the night and taxis are very expensive.

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