Honing Your Online Casino Game Strategies

Online casino games, just like their real-world counterparts, are basically games of chance. Sometimes, Lady Luck smiles you, and sometimes...well, let's just say she's a dog and she just drains you dry. Everyone is subject to the fickle mistress' whims and gold-digger tendencies, but what separates the great gamblers from the stragglers is their understanding that chance actually has a logic behind it, which goes by the name Math.


Many unsuspecting players who engage in the games play just for the heck of it. They throw their odds at whatever bet catches their fancy, simply hoping that their luck will turn for the better, not realizing that the odds had been stacked against them from the very start. In all casino games, online or otherwise, the house always has the advantage, making chances of winning lopsided and biased against the players. There's no going around that fact-it's how the games themselves had been designed-but there are ways to even out the odds in your favor.


(1) Understand the Game. You cannot play any game competently without knowing its basic rules and the nuances of play that it carries. To help you win, you must know the quirks of the game and how you can use those to your advantage. Know them inside out. Know the limits and know how far to push them to earn more points for yourself. Not knowing the game before playing online casino games is particularly irresponsible because you can so easily run a search for rules and strategies on the next browser tab.


(2) Do not play the play. There is no room for tomfoolery in online winning casino gambling strategy. Every round, every hand, every bet is crucial. Never be careless. A single hastily considered move can spell a long tumble from Lady Luck's grace.


(3) Never play while distracted or intoxicated. You cannot be muddleheaded when playing. Do not drink alcoholic beverages when you're about to play. You want to keep a clear head to help you make decisions during play. On that note, if you have to eat, converse with someone, or pee, remember that there's a reason why pause buttons were included in that game program. Use it, for heaven's sake! And stop playing when you're on a losing streak: you're emotions are running high from bruised ego and an increasingly thinner wallet and you're play is more likely than not to be managed by your feelings (desperation, too, maybe?) than your logic. Never a good thing when gambling.


(4) Know your limits. You've probably heard of a friend of a friend who got in casino play so deep he went home well and truly bankrupt. Well, that is a very real possibility in virtual gaming as well. Many gaming sites hold your credit card information, to which you charge your bets. It's so easy to be drawn into thinking that you can recover your losses if you play a bit more and charge a few thousand dollars more to your plastic. To know why a reversal of fortune is highly unlikely, see number 3 above. The smart thing to do is to know just how much you want to spend-yes, assume that you will lose all that money because Lady Luck is a bitchy, gold-digging mistress most of the time. If that money earns, well and good. If you lose, at least you know you only lost what you can afford.


(5) Do not get overconfident. Pride comes before the fall. 'Nuff said.


(6) Enjoy. It is a game designed to entertain. Let it stay that way.

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