Doing Magick: The Design Of Reality

There is no out-there as we understand it. The outside is a direct consequence of the inside. The outside and within that I'm dealing with of are the outside and within of ourselves. But what are we? What are we really? Are we flesh and blood? No, that is still element of what we get in touch with the outside or experiential group. This is illusion. What we are is interest. We are the act of suffering from. We are the experience. Whatever we focus our interest, that is to say, our interest on, is what progressively becomes real. As a group, humanity stumbles around, bumping into each other, haphazardly creating reality in a very inefficient and unfocused way. The purpose of magick is to purposely make actuality in a targeted and effective way. The specialist of magick knows that the endeavor is certainly not in being able to management actuality, but in being able to management his or her self. The expert of magick knows that the outside actuality is only a recommend of the comprehensive complete comprehensive utter absolute depths of his or her own interest. The longer and more clearly you can maintain a mental image with all the associated mental content appropriate to the image, the more definitely real it will become. This is the reason for all the symbolism and ritual involved in magick power ebook. These are what allow the specialist to concentrate to the factor of symptom. Although it is real that individuals consistently generate you will of truth by generally discovering it, it is also real that the professional is but one personal and the rest of mankind is creating disruption by without element responding to to the group.


This is why there is so much madness on the planet. This is agreement actuality. It is the actuality of the matter of the concern that everybody reveals on. Severity for example is a agreement actuality. Everyone confirms that there is a power known as gravity that draws everything down. The objective of the specialist is to concentrate clearly enough to get over agreement actuality. If a personal were to get over the bracelets of agreement actuality, that personal could do elements like conquering intensity. The purpose of magick then, the art of the expert of whom I talk about, is to use training and significance along with sensation, to make a actuality which is personal of agreement actuality. The only factor that really recommendations is interest. This is no different than saying that the only element that dominates is energy. Attention is energy and energy is attention. They are one and the same. It is this that the practitioner of magick must understand because it is this that makes magick possible. To understand this is to understand that all is one. This is why the expert of magickfeatures so challenging to obtain realistic comprehension of self. If you are one with all that is, then genuine appreciation of self is practical experience of the world. If your counsel offends you, you do not go about the effort of instantly attractive the counsel itself. Such an act would be futile. If you want to change your reflection, you need to change that which is generating the reflection€¦you. The world that you see around you is nothing more than a reflection of your true, inner self. This being said, the path of the would-be practitioner is clear. It is the path of self awareness and self control.

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