Cutting Mat - Easy Ideas To Take Care Of Your Rotary Cutter

Cutting mats and rotary cutters come together when dealing with any arts and crafts projects as well as for embroidery as well as quilting. This really is precisely why we can't stress enough the importance of taking care of one's crafting tools. A lot of these tools may be easily obtained anywhere however by undertaking a few simple maintenance you are able to certainly allow them to last much longer.


By simply following these guidelines below you're able to really save a lot of money in the future from having to invest in new rotary blades once they wear out. What's more, it saves you from that annoying experience of having a dull blade just when you need it the most.

Start using a self healing cutting mat - As pointed out, a cutting mat and rotary cutter goes hand in hand in lots of crafting projects. This is exactly why you will need to make sure to always work with a cutting mat or preferably a self healing cutting mat for the undertakings.


By using this as your surface for cutting not only are you going to preserve your furniture or even work areas but you'll also cut down the dulling of the blades. Having said that, keep in mind to always purchase a top quality cutting mat and not substitute it with a lower priced alternative. Look for a cutting mat that has both value and sturdiness.


Make use of a special blade sharpener - Depending on the manufacturer of stencil cutter you are using, it is possible to acquire a blade sharpener so that you can sharpen the blades. Take into account though that particular brands might not need to be sharpened. A handful of blades may possibly need you to get a specific blade sharpener crafted for that particular model.


Clean your cutter frequently - Make sure that you really thoroughly clean your own rotary cutter every after use. To do this simply remove the screw found where the blade is fastened. Soon after removing the initial screw, just simply remove the nut, the rounded washer and the other screw along with the blade protector.


So that you can recall where what screw goes where, we advise for you to position the screws, nut and washer in the desk in the order that you removed them.


Clean the blade as well as the plastic shield by using a soft cloth which has a couple of drops of oil. As soon as that's done, prior to getting everything together be sure that you really place a few drops of oil on each sides of the blade.


Should you forget about the way to get it together, nearly all rotary cutting blades actually include a diagram that will help assemble it again.


Avoid scrapping the blade - In some cases many of us unintentionally scrape the ruler or pins using the blade which causes the blade to be dulled more rapidly and sometimes even chip it. So as much as possible try to avoid executing this.


Ensure that it stays well oiled - Make the cutting process as well as prolong your blade's life simply by regularly oiling your rotary blades. You should make sure to utilize high-quality sewing machine oil when accomplishing this.


Be aware that the best companion of any rotary cutter really is a good quality cutting mat. By using a good quality self healing cutting mat and sticking with those suggestions above you are certain to possess a rotary cutter that can keep working for many years.

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