Micro HDMI Cable Is The Future Of HD For Hand Held Devices

The use of the Micro HDMI Cable is on the rise thanks to the constant advancements being made in the field of technology. The High Definition Multimedia Interface gains its importance with respect to the ever increasing use of the latest high definition media that has entered the entertainment marketplace. These include tablets, smart phones, camcorders and HDTV. The main use of this wire is to connect two high definition devices so that your entertainment needs always remain satisfied. Using these connectors, you can stream high definition and high resolution videos from your cell phone and tablet to your television.


The Micro HDMI Cable acts as a connector of the USB style end and is thus decreasing the needs of various smaller cables, such as those used separately for audio and video. These are highly capable of transferring audio and video using the same wire and thus eliminate the need of any other piece of wire which also leads to an increase in its aesthetic value. In this digital age, almost everyone wants compact equipment that eliminates the unnecessary use of space in the house, car or office. These wires can simply decrease any outside space needed on the outer side of any digital device as their plugs are really small in size. This means better handling of high definition and the digital device itself. These connectors are designed to offered more with less space.


Version 1.4 of this connector is best known for its two way transmission of data. This means its users can now take advantage of the fact that he and or she is now able to send and receive information simultaneously. In case you are wondering how this would be beneficial to you, by using this wire, you can get internet speed at a much higher rate. You can do uploading and downloading to and from the internet side by side without compromising on the internet speed.


A Micro HDMI Cable also gives its users the privilege of enjoying a higher resolution picture and video quality, thereby enhancing the overall entertainment experience. The reason why this wire is so efficient is because in most cases, it does not have to compress the data being transferred through it. This enables the user to get the best audio and video quality as the data mostly travels in its original form, owing to its 19 pin array.


This version is way smaller than its predecessors and can be categorized under the class D type of connectors. In fact, the space needed by the latest Micro HDMI Cable is almost half the size as needed by its earlier versions. Furthermore, smart phone use is on the rise and only looking to grow from here. The latest 1.4 version of this connector enables the smart phone user to enjoy videos of resolution as high as 1080p. This makes for a very bright future for this piece of technology. Today's reality is that you can now enjoy high definition entertainment, even when you are on the go.


This wire is an important step in the evolution of entertainment through hand held devices. A Micro HDMI Cable is the future, it is the now, and it definitely needs to be experienced because it makes streaming high definition content from your portable media device to your television a reality.

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