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I online forum and social media whoever moves to the center individual level interventions Arnold will further limited ability to sustain behaviors be on the actual time frame the intervention this may be because the actual you met to intervene and the actual social or physical environment context in which these behaviors occur so we argue that there's a need to move beyond these individual level and approaches towards broader population ever behavior change by providing both supportive social and physical environments so research being conducted loOK bleak and is a min to address these gaps in the evidence so one example is some other work I think Lateran the development of its going to be loyalty card scheme so which was piloted and that storm to stay here is just over four hundred civil servants am so using a similar approach towel-known high street the cards for users can earn points for minutes of activity in those points can then be I'm reimbursed for rewards for to retool.


The church sponsored by local businesses this individual level intervention was tailored to both at the local and social environment context sofa for the physical environment sensors replaced and which is in the photograph here around that person in the gym annexation you to record minutes of physical activity by simply swipe in no credit card which is a loyalty card at the sensors which recorded times tamps am maps were also provided local walking routes them OK for the sensors were placed begin to learn the is going to be behavior to the workplace context in terms of social support then online forms are encouraged to your city website and were participants could shelter their room walking group with colleagues and from the this white card data we can unfair social networks.


We've done something else is loOKing at were colleagues who were walking with others in from the analysis we can see that people who actually tend to walking group if love to hear more actually stayed longer in the intervention and complete more minutes selectivity the new she elite test 360 tended to walk alone so social support is important another unique aspect of this and but this study was that the retail the issues were sponsored by local businesses a.m. for financial incentive schemes such as this be worthwhile in the in the longer term and also to be implemented on a on a large scale.

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