Wild Hog Hunting Tips & Tactics

Like other forms of hunting, wild Georgia hog hunting can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Hog hunting will never be easy; those tricky hogs will always put up a fight. You can, however, make it easier with the right tactics. With proper blinds, a good location and potentially the creation of a hog-friendly environment, you will be showing off trophy quality hog tusks in no time.


One way to ensure a successful hog hunt is the proper utilization of blinds. A good blind allows you to stay hidden from your prey much better than you ever could without them. Besides camouflaging a hunter, a good blind can also muffle sound and mask a hunter's odor.


The best blinds are on stands at least 4 to 5 feet in the air to minimize the scent of the hunter. Cover the floor of the stand with carpet to help muffle sound. The walls of the blind can be created out of just about anything, so long as they resemble (or are painted to resemble) the surrounding foliage. The best blinds are equipped with windows on all four sides, allowing for 360 degrees of visibility and shot selection. Choose a location with good visibility on all four sides, or construct the blind so that it is easily moved.


Setting up shop in the proper location is just as important as being invisible to your prey. Depending on the size of the land on which you will be hunting, it is a good idea to devote at least a day (or more) to scouting several potential locations where wild hogs are likely to be.


As you search, keep your eyes open for hog tracks, wallows, rubs and trails. These are all signs of hog activity and are the best indicators of where to set up shop. Also take inventory of creeks, food sources, large clearings and heavily wooded areas, as these are all places where wild hogs are likely to be. Pick two or three areas with the greatest concentrations of these signs as your go-to hunting areas.


One of the simplest things you can do to increase your chances of success is to create an environment that wild hogs want to be in. Instead of finding a location where you think the wild hogs will be, you will create your own ideal hog heaven and let your prey come to you.


One way to do this is to create natural nesting areas for wild hogs. Cut down trees and use them to create brush piles. This will create a place of natural safety for wild sows and their young. Not only will this help increase the wild hog population, but it will create an area where you know the wild hogs will be.


Supplemental feeding is another great way to attract wild hogs to a certain area. Food plots, automatic feeders or the planting of soft mast trees will give wild hogs a readily available food source, ensure they come to the same area again and again, and help the hogs reach optimal size.

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