Link Building Tips and Strategies

Link building is the hart beat of search engine optimization, and it is the basic marketing strategy to generate organic targeted hits to your website. All effective internet marketing strategies started from Link Building Packages as the goal and all of them will end with link building as the traffic generation method. That is way I want here to share with you some link building tips and strategies.


But initial let us talk about some SEO facts.


As we're getting to the 2011, new researches shows that an increase of more than 200% of webmasters are interested on search engine optimization, and SEO will be one of the most needed and searched for subject on the internet.


But same researches too showed that those webmasters are more fascinated on do it yourself search engine optimization, They want to learn about SEO and need to do search engine optimization by themselves.


So you need to understand how to optimize your pages and codes to the search engines and then building links and popularity to your pages to start generating traffic and increase your search engine position.


So here are some of the best link building tips and strategies:


1. The best and most effective link building strategy is the article marketing, and it is very easy, you need to write tiny (average of 550 words) articles and yield them to each article directory and blog you can discover. In most cases you will need to insert your links (2 links at most) on your resource box, but you can write your resource box as you like it doesn't cruel to write about yourself there.


Another necessary thing you need to know about article marketing is that you need to distribute different content to different sites and pages, you cannot (can but it will not be effective) use duplicated content, so the popular solution is to spin articles to generate different visions of a single article.


2. The second link building tip and strategy is through the blog sphere by starting blogs and post your content and links to them or by reading related blog posts and commenting on them.


3. Forum marketing is too a good link building strategy, when you merge related forums and connect the discussion, and using signatures to link back to your website.


4. Social media. You can use the power of social media to construct links to your pages and create popularity to your pages. This strategy is so powerful that when it is done probably it could generate tall quality of hits to your pages and donate you high quality of back-links. Social media sites like bookmarking sites, social networks, video sharing sites, news sites, macro blogging sites. Each social media have different way of using and building links, you need to know how to use it effectively and get the maximum of it, for example video sharing sites like YouTube will allow you to use the link in the description of your video, so by creating and uploading brief videos you can construct links and traffic from YouTube directly to your pages.


5. Press Release, there are some highly respected press release sites that permit you to use a link inside your press release, and it can generate tall quantity of traffic very fast to your pages.

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