Affordable Wine Cabinets - A Comparison of Avanti and Vintage Keeper

With the rise in popularity of wine, so too has there been an increase in the sales of storage units in which to house the bottles that people purchase. Long gone are the days when people had an inexpensive 5 - 10 bottle wine rack sitting on their counter. Nowadays, more and more wine-loving households are investing in a wine cabinet in order to keep their collection at the perfect temperature and angled in just the right way so as to prevent corks from drying out and allowing air to damage the delicate bouquet of their favorite Affordable Wines.


A good cabinet also provides additional features such as double-paned glass in the door to prevent outside light penetration from destroying the components of the wine while still offering a soft, interior LED lighting system in order for ease in viewing the evening's available selections. Additionally, the shelving units should be able to be pulled out on an individual basis so as not to disturb the maturation process of nearby bottles while retrieving your preferred selection for the night.


Two of the more popular wine cabinet manufacturers are Avanti and Vintage Keeper. Both of these companies offer many of the above features in elegant, state-of-the-art cabinets that can fit any budget and decor. Bottle capacity ranges from Avanti's compact 8 bottle wine cabinet all the way up to stand-alone cabinets that can hold 260 bottles. In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a modest wine cabinet up to one to two thousand dollars for some of the higher end and larger versions that hold more bottles.


Typically, the above cabinets will also feature microprocessor controls so that you can maintain the perfect temperature. Digital sensing and displays allow you to assess with one quick glance whether the interior of the cabinet is compromised or if all is well with your wine. You can rest assured that, regardless of your size restrictions and no matter what your budget is, you are will be able to find the perfect wine cabinet that will fit your needs as well as complement your home decor.

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