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Guess eyewear has been around for years and it has definitely entered the zone of trendiest eyewear across the world. If you are looking for Gianfranco Ferre eyewear that would match your taste, personality, and enhance your facial appearance then look nowhere else, only Guess eyewear is for you.


This year, the collection of Guess eyewear has become more extensive and edgier than the previous collections. From the edgy and funky ones down to the modern vintage, you can definitely have your pick on which eyewear will make you see clearer.


If you are not a person with bad eyesight it doesn't mean that you can't wear eyewear at all and should just stick to sun glasses. Clear glasses and their lenses can help protect your eyes from UV rays and radiation that computers project if you work in an office and have to face a computer all day.


Although sunglasses can also do the same thing, it would be a bit weird and unnecessary to wear shades inside an office.

You can wear special lenses with your fabulous Guess eyewear and you will get a new look at the office.


Wearing a pair of glasses is an instant way to have a new look. You can look smart and professional conveniently with eyewear and with Guess eyewear, looking fabulous and gorgeous is rather easy.


If you want the classic and vintage smart look then look for the GU163 model. It has a vintage rectangular shape and solid rods that has the Guess logo to the temples elegantly designed.


It will give you a classic and vintage look that means business. Perfect for the office look and if you want that instant makeover, just pop this pair and voila, a new you! For an edgier version of this one, look for the two toned frames.


Need some funk? Try on the GU1638 model. This one has several colors and tones to choose from, you should of course, choose depending upon the colors of your eyes, taste, and personality. The tortoise shell design is great for women who have blue and green eyes. The shape of the frames will compliment faces with long oval faces. The Guess logo is embedded in the temples.

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