How Much to Spend on a Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are a great way to show that you have made something of yourself. Also, luxury watches make fantastic gifts for anybody who is special in your life. Whatever the case, if you are in the situation where you need to purchase a luxury watch, you need to consider just how deluxe you want that watch to be.


You can get a high quality watch for between five hundred and one thousand dollars, but if you really want to get something truly prestigious, like a Rolex Fake Watches, you will need to drop at least five thousand dollars. That sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but that is actually the low end of the spectrum when it comes to truly high quality watches. The more premier watches can range between ten and twenty thousand dollars. It seems ridiculous that a watch can cost more than a car, but that is reality when it comes to this level of prestige.


If you think that is crazy, think about the fact that some watches cost more than a house! These kinds of watches are out of the budgets of 95% of the population, and are meant to act more as collectibles than to be worn for function. Hundred thousand dollar watches are jam packed with gold, platinum, and gems, which is why they cost so much. Certain watches can cost over a million dollars, but those are rare to find, and in this economy, it seems like a waste to pay so much for something so small.


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