How to Mix Songs Together

Mixing songs together is a great way to create dance tracks and interesting combinations of your favorite songs. The proliferation of home recording software with digital editing features makes it relatively easy to create, enhance and mix songs into a single track. These mixes are fun to make and great for DJs who work parties, weddings and other entertainment events. Learn how to mix songs together to create unique versions of all your favorite tracks.


Pick the songs you want to mix. You can have as many as you want, but just a few well-chosen songs lets you put more focus on the individual tracks within your mix. Consider doing themed mixes. You might do all love songs or all dance songs, or create mixed songs by genre.


Decide on the audio editing software you want to use. There are several audio editing software choices on the market. You can purchase a program or use a free one. Look for software that will allow you to copy (rip) songs from your CDs and convert them to MP3 file format. Other important features, standard in most audio software, include the ability to cut pieces from song tracks and mix and enhance them.


Make a new folder on your computer desktop where you can save your work. Select the chicago songs you want to mix together and put them in this folder. Use your audio editing software to open the first song you want to include in your mix, and locate the portion of the song you want to use. You'll be able to play the song with the audio software and mark the beginning and end of the portion of the song you want to include using slider bars in the editing software. Once you've marked the portion of the song you want to use in your mix, use the "Edit" menu and cut the segment of song you need. Name this edited clip the name of the song mix you're working on.


Create additional song pieces the same way and save them all to the file folder on your desktop. Name each track with the same file name as the first file you created, but add a number to the name to show the order in which you plan to mix them in your song.


Pull all of the song pieces together with your audio software. The audio editing software allows you to combine your song pieces into one track by adding them in consecutive order. You'll be able to rearrange them if you don't like the order in which they appear.


Enhance your mixed track using effects and mixing features included in your audio software. You'll be able to raise and lower bass and treble levels, add echo effects and apply transitions between song tracks to customize the sound of your mixed songs.


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