Good Direct Mail Strategies

Good direct mail is all about having a good mailing list. If you didn't already know, your list can either make or break your success. I can remember purchasing a mailing list from a non-reputable broker and I wound up spending thousands of dollars on a list that didn't produce. If you don't want the same thing to happen to you, then you will want to follow the tips in this article.


To do good Direct Mail, the first thing that you shouldn't do is randomly pick names from out of a phone book. This is the wrong way to go about doing things. This kind of mailing list is called a compiled list, and it's one of the worst kind of lists that you can buy.


With a compiled list, you have no idea what the pressing problem that each recipient has. You may randomly select a group of 1000 people to mail to and all of them may not be in the market for a product that you're looking to market. Most people who start off marketing this way usually get their lists from out of a phone book. This is just the wrong way to go about getting a list.


Picking a list out of a phone book is not good direct mail. This is a bad way of marketing. Instead, you want to focus your attention on something called "direct response lists". These are lists where the people on the lists have bought something or requested more information. The best way to find lists like these is with something called the SRDS.


The SRDS is what good direct mail is all about. This is a thick and huge book that contains lists of all sorts and types. So more than likely you can lay rest assured that they will have a list that you're looking for. The SRDS can be found down at your local library for free. Isn't that amazing? You don't have to pay to use this resource - it's available to you all for free.


When selecting your list, you will have the option to specify your list even further. This is where good direct mail gets even better. With proper list segmentation, you can literally guarantee your success in this business. I've heard of marketers who have paid through the nose for their list and have come back with returns such as $20 for every dollar invested in marketing. This is huge, and the only way to get results like these is if you target your list properly.


A direct response list is just way better in terms of effectiveness. There is one kind of list however that is better than a direct response list, and that list is your own customer list. This list will definitely yield you the best results when it comes to doing direct mail.


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