How to Write an Ebook - A Beginner Guide

If you want to write an eBook then you'll be pleased to hear that the process is actually a very simple one *if* you start from the right position - which is where  ultimate ebook creator. The typical wannabe eBook writer creates an eBook that they think will be really interesting and then tries to find people to sell it to. This is a mistake.


A far better and more productive idea is to spend time researching the market *before* you even start writing your eBook so that you know well in advance if people are interested in buying your ebook, and if so the best ways to reach them.


When you write an eBook that there is already proven demand for you are far more likely to succeed with your venture so I would strongly advise you to start with your market research, and then start to write an eBook second.


But assuming you've got your hot idea and all the traffic lights seem green, what then? At it's simplest, I would suggest that you grab a copy of Word or Open Office and just start typing. This process is considerably easier if, in your market research, you have come up with a list of topics to cover and then carefully broken down the content of your eBook into these individual chapters.


This is because you can then focus your time on writing a single chapter - or subchapter - at a time which feels easier to do and ensures you are focusing on just one element rather than the whole project. As they say - it's possible to eat an elephant if you do it a bite at a time.


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