Benefits of Karate for Kids

In today's technology-focused society, it is becoming far too common for young boys and girls to spend the majority of their day in front of a television, computer, or smart phone screen. Yet, we all know that physical fitness is an important aspect of children's health, even if kids are less interested in playing outside. As such, it is important for parents to find ways not only for their kids to get more exercise, but also to engage in positive social interaction. Martial arts such as karate is an excellent activity that not only gets kids moving, but gives them opportunities to socialize while learning necessary life skills. Indeed, the benefits of karate for kids are extensive.


First and foremost, many parents probably view karate and other martial arts as activities that promote violence. However, there is very little research that suggests that kids who learn karate are more aggressive; in fact, the exact opposite may be true. Karate is a fun activity that helps kids maintain fitness while also developing focus. During karate classes, children not only exercise but they learn about self-control, respect, and concentration. Children learn fighting skills in the context of a safe environment that encourages camaraderie and strict attention to the teacher. Indeed, karate lessons continually focus on character building over fighting.


We also know that karate classes promote improved physical fitness. During classes, kids have access to a wide range of fitness benefits from improved cardiovascular health, to better strength and balance. The best karate practitioners have heightened flexibility as well as physical and mental strength. The physical activity that karate provides ensures that children are less susceptible to chronic health problems, less likely to be or become obese, and more likely to be physically active in other ways. Yet, karate also helps develop improved mental health as well. Children who study karate tend to have higher confidence and self-esteem as well as better self-discipline, concentration, and courtesy.


Karate can also be a great activity for at-risk kids or kids with developmental differences. For example, parents of children with attention deficit or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD), often find that their children develop increased focus and concentration after training for a few weeks. While these skills are a constant focus of karate trainer harry otto, the fitness benefits of karate also play a role. Karate helps children learn to channel their energy into more useful methods of expression, while also helping them to expend extra energy that may be a distraction when they're trying to focus on school work.


Ultimately, it is important for parents to encourage their children to be physically active. Karate fulfills many of the exercise needs of kids while also providing a number of side benefits with respect to emotional and social health as well.


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