How to Take Ace Diet Pills for Best Results?

• In order to achieve quality results, it is recommended to consume only 2 pills per day and avoid taking more than 4 pills (in 24 hour time- frame).


• Consume 1 tablet after 2 hours of breakfast then take another pill during early afternoon to optimally control your appetite for evening. Experiment can also be done with timings.


• Make sure to avoid the intake of pill after 4PM, otherwise you may develop abnormal aberrations in sleeping pattern and sleep quality.


• Consume plenty of water (at least 8 glasses, measuring 8 ounce). Water plays a vital role in reducing weight. It is a fact that after consuming ACE diet pills a person feels thirstier and if by any reason you are not drinking enough water then side effects or complications may occur. If you are having difficulty in consuming sufficient quantities of plain water, you can always add lemon or other flavours to improve the flavor.


• Try to consume lean meat like chicken and fish in your daily diet and add vegetables and fruits to maintain normal body weight and high energy levels. Avoid completely foods with high sugar and sugary drinks.


• Do not use ACE diet pills with other vitamins or medicines. Keep 1 hour interval between them at least.


• For quality results, make sure to skip the pill intake for 1 day/week, so that the body can reset itself.


• An individual can adjust the timing of taking ace diet supplement according to their body type. Like some people take ACE diet pill in early morning with coffee which gives 100 percent success then second pill in early afternoon and this timings suits them a lot. If you have a different working schedule, you can alter the dosing regimen (but not the recommended dose) as per your convenience.


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