How Can You Make Better Betting Decisions?

If you are like most poker players online, you have trouble making the correct betting decisions. Either you don’t know how much to bet, when to bet, or when to fold. But, to be successful playing in Texas Holdem or Omaha hi online poker tournaments or any other poker events, you need to be able to master poker betting. The key to making better poker betting decisions when you play poker online is to do some basic math, to remember past situations, and to take your time.


The first thing you can do to make better betting decisions when playing poker online, whether in online poker tournaments or other poker events, is to just do some basic math. Now, you don’t need to go into full independent chip model calculations, or do a full pot odds analysis, but just knowing thebasic odds of making your hand and the amount that you have to put in the pot to continue is a good idea. For example, if the pot is $100 and you have to put $10, your pot odds are 10-1. Knowing this, you can make a rough estimate to see if the chances of you improving your hand are better than 10-1. Based on this information, you can make a better decision.


It is extremely important to remember all your opponents’ hands in the past and what the outcomes of those hands were. Believe it or not, most people who play poker online are creatures of habit, and they all make the same actions over and over again in the same situations. If a player raised a specific amount in a past poker hand and was bluffing, it may be reasonable to expect that this player is doing the same this time.


Lastly, the best way to make better betting decisions is by taking your time. More often than not, most people who play bet365 poker online are more concerned about whether they should call, bet, or fold, than the actual amount of the bet they make, and what table image this projects. If, after deciding to make a call or raise, you spend a little more time deciding your bet size and the future implications it will have on your poker hand, you will make a lot better decisions.


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