How to Make a Video Game Like a Professional

Creating video games can be a long and involved process. However, just about anyone can acquire the skills to create a video game with a little patience and research. By applying yourself, you can make your game look polished and professional.


1. Familiarize yourself with video game design principles by studying tutorials and observing successful games. (See Reference 1) Use level design, sound, and physics to advantage when designing for gamers. This will help your design meet users' expectations and lead to a smooth and satisfying playing experience..


2. Flesh out all your ideas on paper first before attempting them on the computer. This includes mapping out all levels, writing down story elements, and working out what kind of gameplay you want to achieve. This step allows you to dispel any problems that may arise without costing precious time and money. It's also a good idea to make sketches of characters and any other important locations or objects.


3. Learn a programming language. The most commonly used programming languages in video games are C++ and C#. Another useful language is Java. Consider the platform for which you want to develop before committing to one specific language.

4. Learn how to model 3D objects using a popular modeling program like 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender, a free, open source program. All of these applications include tutorials and guides to help you get started. It would also be a good idea to purchase a few books related to 3D modeling.


5. Create your game. Though you won't be able to create a perfect game on your first attempt, the more experience you get the better you will understand game development. You must have patience in order to complete your game.


6. Test your game. This is one of the most important aspects of game design, as no one wants to play a buggy game. One bug can ruin a player's entire experience, so it's important to play-test as much as possible. Work out all the kinks you possibly can. Only when your game is running smoothly and without many bugs is it ready to be released.


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