Total Conquest Walkthrough Guide

In order to ensure the well-being of your troops and citizens you will need a steady supply of Gold and Food at all times. Every farmer and household owner will pay you a tribute in exchange for your protection of the province. All you have to do is build Farms and Villas for them


The game revolves around battling your friends and enemies alike. For this, you need an army. Select the Barracks building in the Province, then tap on the Train Units icon. Tap on any of the units in order to train one unit. After the units finish training, they will be stationed in the Muster Ground building, for your viewing pleasure and evaluation. You can access them by tapping the View Army icon in the training interface or manually selecting the Muster Ground building in your Province.


Your province can be attacked by other players, even when you are not playing the game. You can defend against them by building Towers in strategic positions or placing Traps in unpredictable spots. Another good defensive building is the Militia, but beware, the troops inside will spring into action only when they smell the enemy very near. Position this building carefully.



There are several ways to achieve true greatness in Total Conquest Hack Free. Proving yourself on the battlefield is, of course, the main one. While in your Province, you can tap the Battle icon and select any of the missions on the map (represented by the icon of an enemy). If you want, we can find an opponent for you based on your level of skill. Just tap the Find a Match icon and let us do the work.


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