10 Different Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Finding new leads is a key to success in multilevel marketing. Staying dedicated to the process can be difficult without new ways to generate these leads. Creating the right combination of advertising tactics will help overcome this obstacle.


Informational Webinars


Generate genuine leads through an online webinar that presents your product or service. Producing a webinar does not need to be a sales presentation. Explore a specific feature or benefit of your product or service that will clearly be recognized as an opportunity for business. At the end of your webinar request that those interested in your business contact you.


Free E-Book


Create an ebook that explains how to become a success working for your business. Set up your web page to require an email address prior to the issuance of the ebook. Use this information to follow up with interested prospects.


Online Orientations


There are providers that offer online presentation services for free. Take advantage by conducting online orientations from your desktop. Advertise your online orientation on free classified sites. When using online presentations be sure to require an email address for attendees and follow up after the presentation.


Blog Posts and Comments


Find active blogs that are marketed toward readers with profiles that compliment your type of MLM Leads niche market. Make compelling blog posts that to generate interest. Add a personal touch by setting up an author link if it is offered. Blog readers do tend to read comments to see different ideas about articles that interest them. Useful comments can generate traffic to a web site and create more leads.


Local Networking Events


Search out area networking events to attend. Networking is a key to every successful business. Sharpen your presentation skills while mingling with other entrepreneurs. The key to networking is not necessarily finding new leads, it is a way to work with other entrepreneurs that can forward the right type of leads to you if and when they come across them.


Local Presentations


Reserve an area hall to present your MLM opportunity to prospective leads. Make sure to gather information at check in of individuals attending. After the presentation follow up with attendees and ask those interested in learning more to schedule a time with you to have an in-depth meeting.


Word of Mouth


Tell others about what you are doing. The opportunity may not be right for them, but they may have other leads to offer. If not, ask if they can contact you if they happen to come across anyone who may be interested.


Newspaper Advertisements


Advertise your opportunity and contact information with a simple ad to generate leads. Contact community newspapers and local magazines for cost-effective ways to advertise in print.


Online Classifieds


Create an online classified that targets your niche market. Use online classified sites like Craigslist to advertise your business.


Vehicle Decal



Have a simple decal designed for your vehicle. Many print shops can create a door magnet or window sticker to be used on your car to advertise your business. Be sure to list your email address or phone number.


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