How does the Web Proxy

Describes Kay the Web Proxy services, and an option that allows users to surf the Internet while keeping their identities secret. This is the basic premise behind all the agents. Using a proxy, users can prevent third parties such as children, parents and employers of their browsing history study, while at the same time surfing the internet almost in its entirety (some sites Block proxy addresses). Please note, however, that “key logger” or other programs that grab your written information can still access your activities.


Then the user enters the URL of the site that he wants to visit in the search bar at the agent's web site. Then this site is presented to the user. Since the website made the request agent, does not display user information (computer name, IP address, and location, etc.). Thus, the user can surf anonymously.



User sends a packet of information from his computer to the broker system (Web Proxy). The agent then forwards the information using its own information to the Web address entered. Site then displays the information back to the agent, which, in turn, sends the information to a user’s computer. In the simplest terms possible, “proxy server actually does not work for communication, and response to, and receive traffic from the Internet “on behalf of the anonymous web surfer. How does it work also indicates that the Web pages that are requested will not actually see the original server, and this is the case because the agent is acting as the originator of the request.


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