What Is the Best Log Analyzer?

Before you can determine what the best Log Analyzer is, we should first know exactly what they are and what they do.


IIS stands for Internet Information Services, and was originally created by Microsoft. It is a web server software application that can integrate with part of the Windows Server family of products. It is also the third most popular web server in the world because of its easy access and compatibility options.


Now there are hundreds of different IIS Log Analyzer Software programs out there, so my goal is to help you know what qualities to look for in it.


1. Content--They are used primarily as informational logs. The best ones will have Alerts, warnings and fatal errors, typically lumped together into a "single error log," but they can be split into specific types of errors and include sources. All of these alerts are essential with your IIS Log Analyzer for you to be able to know exactly what is going on with your computer and websites.


2. Format--The best Retrospective Log Analyzer should use a format that is easy to understand. The whole point of it is to help you break down the back end information that occurs with your websites and computer to help you better understand your traffic generation and marketing techniques. They can either be created in a text or binary format. Most people prefer the text format because it seems to be the easiest with which to work.



3. Source--They come from everywhere; from applications and the system, to libraries and drivers. The source is used as a way for users to classify the information and data they receive from them. One example is that most security systems may have their own log or theirs can define the system where and how information is updated. It is important to find an IIS Log Analyzer system that is designed to be the best for your business; one that will help you easily understand where data is coming from and where it is going.


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