Personal Tarot Card Reading. A reflection of your energy

Most people have heard of the term tarot reading or tarot cards, yet many do not know how these magical cards can represent both the positive and negative energies of a person. Before venturing further, it is important to understand just what tarot cards are and what they can do for you and for people in your life.


What is a Tarot Card Reading?


There are 78 tarot cards in total that assist a tarot reader to deliver predictions to a person during a reading. Every card is different and has a unique message and interpretation. At first they may appear like a regular card deck with pictures. However the tarot card reader has great intuition and understanding and can interpret the symbolic meanings of the cards together with the energies of the person they are reading for at the time.


There are two forms of tarot readings- the guidance and the fortune. Again the 78 cards can be divided into Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, consists of 22 cards called Trump Cards. These cards provide the reflection of the important milestones during the various phases in our lives. The Minor Arcana can be subdivided into 4 further groups- Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups. Each group has 14 cards that are mainly related to the findings of our minor daily affairs.


It is very important to understand what messages these powerful and spiritual cards can provide, as far as answering burning questions we may have and to help bring clarity into our lives. An expert reading of these cards can point out the aspects of a person including their hopes, dreams, emotions and thoughts. Studying the cards, the reader creates an illumination that provides a comprehensive understanding of the person and how to best guide them toward their future.


Some people hope to receive specific details as to when they will get their dream job, date of marriage and many other important questions in their lives. It is important to understand that either an in person or virtual tarot reading is not about specifying incidents in the future, instead more often than not about more general events. The readings are indicative of the state of energy that is working with the person who is seeking the tarot reading.


The reading will uncover their emotional state, ways of thinking, forces inside and outside that are working simultaneously for or against the person. The tarot card reading can include different areas of one’s life, including the past, present and future circumstances. These factors all come into play, as it is important to see how one’s past has directly affected their current circumstances and maybe also influence their future.                    


How Does the Tarot Card Reading  Help a Person?


A meeting with a tarot reader will help bring clarity to your life and help you balance what is and is not working for you currently in your life. The cards will help show what is going on in your subconscious, or things happening outside of your control. Future predictions will allow you to see what is coming up for you and if you do not like them, you have a chance to change them and take a different path. A Tarot Card Reading will help you get in touch with your spiritual self and can even help you understand and connect better with those around you.  Having your future predicted, can prepare you and give you strength for the future and potentially uncover secrets that you otherwise may not have known.


A Tarot Card Reading cannot tell you if you such things as “will win the lottery”, although the Tarot Card Reader can see whether or not success and good fortune are indicated for you for the future. They may see clues about job opportunities or financial dealings with others that could work in your favour. A reading in many ways will help you see if you are on track to meeting and fulfilling your goals. It can also provide you with insight, into new and exciting things that to look forward to, or challenges and adversities. In many ways the reader may act like a counsellor, giving you guidance on the next steps to take, or things you should avoid in some cases.


Today there are many different types of free tarot reading services that people can enjoy, either online, with an in person tarot reader. An in person consultation, will provide answers to your questions in a more personable manner. Nowadays, many psychics and Tarot Card Readers also offer the convenience of phone and email consultations, for those who live far away, or struggle to find time for a reading in their busy schedules. Virtual Tarot Readings are a great way to enjoy a free reading any time of day. Many astrology websites now these free readings online and you can enjoy them from the luxury of your own home. The online tarot card decks are exactly the same as the one’s used in a physical reading and instead of the Tarot Card Reader dealing the cards for you, you shuffle the cards with a click of a button and the deck will automatically be dealt for you.


Online or in person, the premise is still the same, your energy and intuition guide you to draw certain cards and each card is unique and symbolic to what is going on in your life. Many are skeptical of tarot cards, perhaps fearful of what they represent, yet once a person understands just what they are used for, they generally become more open and receptive to what they represent. The more open you are, the more the cards can directly help you, guiding your spiritual self toward answers to problems and concerns in your life.


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Article by: A&J Morgan





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