EGO-T Starter kit

Charging your EGO-T electronic starter kit


Plug your USB charge cable that was included with your kit into an available USB slot which can be found on most electronic devices for example PC, MAC, Games console, Laptop or a wall charger. Once plugged in the LED on the charge cable will turn green, Screw your 650mah EGO battery into the charging unit and the LED will turn red to indicate that a charge is needed, once the battery has reached full charge the LED will turn back to green to indicate that it is now fully charged and ready for use.


Filling your EGO-T tank


Remove the rubber seal cap from an empty tank but do so with care as damage to the seal cap can lead to leaks. Fill the empty tank with the E-juice of your choice being careful to not overfill, ensure you leave enough room for the rubber seal cap to be replaced. Replace the rubber seal cap, to get the best seal when replacing the rubber seal cap make sure the cap and tank are dry and free from dirt. Push (do not twist) your freshly filled tank firmly onto the atomiser (push as far in as it can go, you should hear a click as the pin in the atomiser pierces the rubber seal cap). Take a couple of dry puffs before attaching to your battery to ensure E-juice has been pulled through and the wick is wet before use (you should see air bubbles rising as air replaces the drawn out e-juice which is a good indicator that it is wicking properly). If you have trouble getting the tank to pierce when being inserted into the atomiser use a needle /pin to pierce the seal yourself to start it off this should make it easier for the atomiser pin to go through. Screw the newly assembled tank and atomiser onto your battery (ensure the contacts are dry and free from dirt) and you are ready to vape.


Using your EGO-T electronic cigarette


Now you have completed the above you have a fully charged and filled you are ready to use ego-t starter kit. The button on the battery is used to fire the unit which will in turn power the EGO-T atomiser and heats up the heating coil which then heats the E-juice to produce the vapour “give it a try now”. The power button has a safety feature which enables you to completely turn the battery off so when you are not using the EGO-T e-cig it can’t be accidentally fired. To turn the battery off you simply click the button 5 times in quick succession and repeat to turn it back on. Do not over puff on the unit as this overheats the unit which leads to melting the seals so please try (as hard as it is to put down) letting your new kit rest in between puffs. When the battery needs to be recharged the light on the battery of the EGO-T will flash every time you attempt to use it and will not fire so recharge following the above instructions.  As you are using the EGO-T occasionally tilt it back and forth to ensure the E-juice is being soaked into the wicking material this will stop you possibly using the unit dry and will stop you possibly burning the wick. When you E-juice level starts to get low and you want to refill always remove the atomiser and tank from the battery and repeat the filling instructions above to avoid accidentally flooding your battery. Always keep external parts and screw threads on both the battery and atomiser clean, dry and free from dirt.


Cleaning the EGO-T



To clean out your EGO-T unscrew the atomiser and tank assembly from the battery and empty any excess E-juice, run hot water into the tank and shake and empty repeatedly until you are satisfied that the tank is suitably clean repeat with the atomiser (never attempt to clean the tank and atomiser whilst attached to the battery). Shake out any excess water and make sure the unit is dry before re-using. A common problem after cleaning is that the unit has not been dried completely and may appear to no longer produce vapour, this is because the wicking material is still wet and has absorbed water which will have to be replaced with E-juice as water does not produce vapour, taking a few vapes once filled with E-juice will normally take care of this as the water is evaporated and E-juice has absorbed back into the wicking material.


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