It’s almost shocking how quickly a relatively new car can look old. Dings, scratches and fading paint all contribute to a car’s less-than-new appearance, and that is definitely the case for my various cars over the year. It seems like after just the first year or two of ownership, the bloom is definitely off the rose. By our third or fourth year together, my cars look as though they never graced a showroom floor.


Like all of us, I’d like to make my older car look new again, but I’m not one for waxing and polishing week after week. I’m not above, however, paying someone to wax and polish for me occasionally, but even after a great wax job, the faded parts of the car stand out against the shiny wax job. Since it’s the used-to-be-black bumpers and trim on my car that make it look so old, I was understandably intrigued by the Wipe New product when I saw it demonstrated on television.


•             What is Wipe New?


•             Is Wipe New a car polish?


•             What is the Wipe New guarantee?


•             What do others say about Wipe New?


•             How do I order Wipe New?


What is Wipe New?


Wipe New is a relatively new product that promises great things for your car. When you wipe a dab of Wipe New across the plastic parts of your car – the bumper, the fenders and running boards, for example – they appear dark and shiny again. Wipe New is actually a nano polymer formula that binds with the surface of the plastic to refinish it and make it appear new again.


Is Wipe New a car polish?


When your car paint appears dull and scratched, you can improve its appearance with a coat of polish or wax. Wipe New is not a wax or polish, however. It is a refinisher. When you apply wipe new to the plastic portions of your car, both inside and out, they reseal with the polymers in the product and appear new again.


What is the Wipe New guarantee?


Wipe New offers a two year-money back guarantee that you’ll like the product and that it will do what it says. Wipe New claims to be easy to use to restore and protect a surface. The single application is designed to last for two years.


What do others say about Wipe New?



Those who have used Wipe New on their own cars have been impressed with it. There have been several concerns about the size of the bottle that is provided, but these are often unfounded it seems. A small bottle is delivered when you order, but since one swipe works for two years, you don’t need a huge amount to make your car appear new again.


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