What Are Some Common Costumes for Halloween?

Many of the most popular Halloween costumes are common because they are easy to create. Some are both easy and laced within the folklore of the holiday, as well. Black cats and witches are identifiable symbols of Halloween and great costumes Alice in wonderland. Others are familiar symbols of life, both fantasy and reality. Store-bought or complicated costumes of superheroes and fictional characters are popular with the dedicated enthusiast.




A long black skirt, a broomstick, white shirt and black vest, or black shirt start the costume off right. Boots, or dress shoes are best. Make a pointed hat with dark material and cardboard. Elaborate makeup usually includes nose putty to make a long, hooked nose with warts.




The classic black cat is a traditional Halloween symbol and Most Popular costumes for 2013; it can be simple or elaborate. Black pants, black shirt, and homemade ears secured to a black headband are the basic beginnings of this costume. Black mascara creates face markings for the simple form of the costume. A cat nose and mysterious cat eyes are enough to create illusion. Makeup that is more elaborate adds to the effectiveness and beauty of the costume.




A pirate costume is something most people can make without ever entering a store. Climb into the back of your closet and pull out worn dark pants, an over-sized dress shirt, a couple of belts, and a bandana and you have the start of a good pirate costume. Wear a dark vest over the big shirt. If you do not have a vest, use an old, fitted shirt and cut off the sleeves and neck to make a quick vest. Some mascara heavy around the eyes, blurred to make them look dark and mysterious, big dangling earrings (hoops work best) and heavy chains around the neck work for the decorations. Make an eye patch out of spare dark material and black shoelaces. Make a sword out of cardboard and aluminum foil. Boots create the final touch, but if you don't have boots, dig around for a pair of loafers or buckle-top shoes. To make them look like boots take some dark material and tuck it into the tops of the shoes, pull it up your calf and secure with a piece of string, or a shoelace. Fold the material down over the string and you have a boot top.





Men can use a basic pirate costume minus the sword, boots and eye patch for a gypsy costume. Women use a flowing skirt, the more worn looking the better, in bright colors. A peasant blouse or big over-sized formal men's shirt makes a good woman's gypsy top. Add many beads, and big earrings (even the guys) for decoration.


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