Tips to provide great customer service

Paul Clark believes that the essence of providing great customer service and can be concluded in ten key areas.


1. Effective customer intelligence


One of the issues we return to again and again with excellent customer does not work out the best ways to interact with customers - but how to find out who these customers are in fact in the first place! Developments such as loyalty cards, the Internet, and will certainly make it easier to keep track of customers and their purchasing habits - but it is still a major challenge for companies. And effective customer intelligence is based on three basic questions: Who are our customers choose? Why do they need and expect from us as a service provider? How to do to meet their needs?


2. They do not have confidence in the customer service staff on the front lines of your


It is the people that provide a great service, not companies. Are delivered some of the best customer service by companies that enable customer service agents to think for themselves and act independently and be flexible. Nothing annoys customers more than the center agent who is completely unable to get out of a script obviously pre-prepared.


3. Understanding how customers think


Few companies have begun to look at how they can test the emotional elements of the customer experience. This is where you come Notes in project management - to proactively scanning when the customers are likely to have seen the issue of service (i.e. water company survey group of customers where the leak occurred in their area would be a classic example) enables companies to plug in the experiences of their customers and resolve issues before that the relationship breaks down.


4. Working for and with people who believe in service excellence


If people in the upper part of the organization do not believe in excellence in service, it will not happen. Customer service should be the case that the Council takes seriously. If it were not, all the money in the world will not give you a decent customer service process.


5. Master the art of organization design


Excellence in service is a function of how to design the organization. Its key elements are what he is doing and how effective leaders are management processes to facilitate the desired result. This is particularly evident in the area of customer complaints. How to deal with complaints? They are treated as a priority and sorted according to the speed? Or is it thrown in a pile, to be handled as and when is it possible?


6. Make the link to the crux of the matter


Master's degree in service excellence understand that customers who have considerable experience are more likely to continue to buy from their companies and are more likely to recommend them to others. They also understand that customers can even complain to become brand advocates - If the complaint is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.


7. Make everything a little bit better every day


Leaders in service excellence training their people to drive continuous improvement. Companies that settle for a level of service - even if it’s good - will inevitably fall behind the competition over time.


8. Understand that the future will be different


Technology is changing the way service is delivered in all the time. And the failure to seize the opportunities and threats presented by means failure. In customer service, and dialogue - mail, e-mail, SMS, and observations of project management are just a few of the technologies change the landscape significantly.


9. Learn from your mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes, but learn from them winners, and give the front - line people as much freedom as possible to fix the problems. When individuals or teams make mistakes, and use them as opportunities to learn. The charter customer service is a great idea - but the desire to change and develop a customer service strategy based on your feedback from customers and changing market conditions, is even better.


10. Make things easier for customers



A very large number of companies still make the purchase and deal with the customer service department unnecessarily difficult - for retail and business customer’s alike - with clear pricing, and two man delivery service, lack of information and poor support and service. And customer patience is limited - and is likely to become more restrictive in our cash-rich, time - poor society only. But for those companies that get it right, and huge prizes.


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