How to Install Solid Wood Floors in Basements

The problem with trying to install a hardwood floor in a basement is that basement floors usually are concrete slabs, and Solid wood flooring usually have to be nailed or stapled into wood subfloors. One way around this is to find a wood-floor kit that is designed to be glued down, allowing you to install it directly to the concrete surface without any nails. Glue-down floor kits can be almost identical to other flooring, except they tend to be thinner and straighter.


1. Make sure the basement floor clean and dry. Spread floor adhesive over the floor, all along the far wall from the door. Come out about 2 feet from the wall.


2. Press the first course of floor boards on the adhesive, positioned so the grooved edges face the wall. Snap the ends of the pieces together by their tongue-and-groove edges.


3. Put shims between the floor boards and the wall so the boards stay 3/8 of an inch from the wall. The space will let the floor to expand with climate changes. Cut the ends of the flooring as needed with a miter saw.


4. Lay subsequent courses of floor boards alongside the first, connecting the sides by the tongue-and-groove edges. Press the boards tightly together. Put down another section of adhesive, and build across the floor course by course, cutting the boards as needed to fit at the end.


5. Lay as much of the floor as you can until you run out of room against the far wall. Let the adhesive set overnight.


6. Install the final area of flooring in the same manner once you can stand on the previously laid flooring. Cut the last course to leave a 3/8-inch gap at the wall.



7. Let the floor dry. Pull out the shims. Install floor trim around the perimeter of the floor to cover the 3/8-inch gaps.


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