Best Vacuum Cleaner Tips

Get the right vacuum for your needs. No, they are not all created equally. Make a calculated list of your specific needs and then get down to researching.


Break the tasks up an hour or a day before vacuuming: tidy, dust and shake throw rugs. Shift furniture positions slightly, and move any small objects off the floor. Sweep dirt out from the corners of flooring to allow you to skip having to get in there with the nozzle. These tips spread the work out and are sure to safeguard your energy levels as well as your back!


Work in zones Divide your house into two or three zones and clean them systematically. Take a break as each zone is completed.   This offers a feeling of accomplishment as you proceed with small steps and build in pit stops. Empty the canister halfway through the task to keep the suction strong. If you use a Vacuum with bags - be aware that once the bag becomes half-full, the suction begins to decrease dramatically.


Work the micro as well as the macro This is critical when you have anyone in the home who has a compromised immune system. A HEPA filter will work wonders to support asthma or allergy sufferers (and is a must if you own pets.) A powerful upright with well-made attachments is an excellent investment and probably the best vacuum cleaner for a house with lots of carpets.


An upright model with a 12 Amp motor, airtight HEPA filtration system, cyclonic system and sturdy attachments effectively sucks up micro-particles like dust mites, pollen, mold spores and pet dander.


Alternate the deep Cleaning No need to get into all the corners and crevices every time you clean.Rotate the zones so that one half or third of the house gets detailed every time.



Have a Robot do the Cleaning Huh? Yes, the space age has arrived,and like Jane Jetson, you can have your home thoroughly cleaned with a simple push of a button.


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