How to Treat Termites in Furniture

Termite-infested furniture may lead to serious problems if left untreated. Most importantly, if the furniture is indoors, the termites will inevitably spread throughout the infrastructure of the house. Once the insects are in the wood of your home, they will be much more difficult to destroy. The termites also have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage to the house. Thus, it is imperative that you deal with the termite-ridden furniture as quickly and efficiently as possible.


1. Move any termite-infested furniture out of the house and into a garage or shed. If you are unable to begin work on the furniture immediately, seal the piece in plastic sheeting or a large tarp. Use masking tape to seal the plastic/tarp. When you're ready to begin work on the furniture store auburn alabama, simply remove the plastic or tarp.


2. Place plastic sheets or a tarp on the floor and position the furniture on top of it. This will help protect the floor of the garage or shed during the process of treating your furniture for termites. If you had to seal the furniture, you may use the same plastic/tarp.


3. Remove any paint or varnish from the wood of the furniture. Use a paint stripper or varnish remover in order to complete the task. Paint or varnish will prevent the insecticide from penetrating the wood and killing the termites. If the wood is not varnished or painted, proceed to Step 4.


4. Apply the termite insecticide, preferably one that contains the active ingredient "borate salt," to the bare wood of the furniture. The insecticide will soak into the wood infested by termites. The termites will then ingest the wood and insecticide. The borate will render the termite incapable of deriving nutrition from the wood, thereby killing it. Depending on the exact brand of insecticide you purchase, you will need to apply it by spray or brushing it on with a paintbrush. Follow the exact directions on the label of your insecticide for the precise application method.


5. Allow the insecticide to remain on the furniture for the amount of time indicated on the container's label. The exact time will vary depending on which brand of insecticide you purchase. After the necessary time has elapsed, you will be able to repaint or re-varnish it and move the furniture back into the house. Any insecticide containing borate salt remain active throughout the life of the treated furniture.


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