How to Make Likes for Facebook

If you've spent the time to create a Facebook page for your business, the next step is to find ways to promote it and get people to "like" the page. One way to do this is to create a box "Like", which can be displayed on your web site, which will allow visitors and immediate way to "like" your page and become a follower.


1. Login to Facebook with your user name and your password.


2. Go to the Facebook page you want to create the Like button.


3. Go to the Facebook Developers "Like button" page. Paste the URL you copied into the penalty area under the title "URL to like." View "layout style", "width", and "color scheme boxes" and select the options you want to use. Click the "Get Code".


4. Copy the code that appears in the next screen.


5. Log on to your website and content management software and then go to the page where you want the button you want it to appear. If the system is displayed manage your content in the form of "visual" instead of "HTML" or "source code" form, switch to HTML or source code format.


6. Place the cursor where you want the button you want to appear in the source code. Paste the code that you copied from the Facebook site developers. Save changes.


7. Go to the location where it must be like a button. If you copy and paste your code correctly, you should now button appears like there.


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