Around curves Weight Loss Program

Venus Factor Weight Loss Program is dieting curves on the basis of calories with two basic plans and eat three stages. Dieter choose eating plan and then follow the instructions for each phase. Then repeat the process over and over again until you reach their goal weight.


Carbohydrate or protein


Offers a weight management plan curves meal plans depending on how you tend to eat. If you eat more carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, you choose the higher carbohydrate diet. If you tend to eat more proteins, such as meat and cheese, you have to choose the option of higher protein. Curves fitness and weight management plan includes recipes and meal plans vary slightly depending on whether you choose a higher carbohydrates or higher protein pathways.


Phase 1


In the first week of the diet, reducing calories you to 1,200 per day. This breaks down to approximately 200 calories for breakfast, 100-calorie snack, 400 calories for lunch, snack another 100 calories and 400 calories dinner. It also allows you to eat as much as you like from the list of "free", which includes mostly low-calorie and no-calorie vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, green beans and beets.


Phase 2


During the next three weeks of the diet, reducing calories you to 1,500 per day. You can add 100 calories for each of the main meals. You can still eat free foods as well.


Phase 3


Phase 3 of the diet is the maintenance period. During this period (1-3 weeks depending on your preference), you eat 2,000 to 2,500 per day. The objective of this period is that neither gain nor lose weight. This allows your metabolism to recover and prevent the body from going into starvation mode and keep calories. During Phase 3, you weigh yourself every day. If you still do not lose weight, and you eat a little more. If at any point during the period earn you gain 3 pounds, you drop back to Phase 1 until the loss of three pounds, then you can return to the stage for a 3. After Phase 3, you have to start the process again, with Phase 1, then Phase 2 and return to Phase 3. Once you reach your target weight, you can stay on stage 3, and any time you win you gain 3 pounds, you can run through the stages again to get yourself back under control.




Curves fitness and weight management plan recommends 30 minutes of aerobic and cardiovascular per day and 30 minutes of strength training at Curves three days a week. Most curves offer free weight management classes for members and non-members. The classes usually include watch informational videos, weigh-ins and support from others on dieting.


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