How to Use Shredded Paper as Hamster Bedding

Hamsters are a type of rodent that makes good beginner pets because they take up little space, are low cost and can be tamed easily. The Syrian breed, known for its golden color, is one of the most popular hamster breeds and will live about two and a half years. One of the items you need when caring for a hamster is hamster bedding. These furry creatures need a place where they can make a nest, hide food and use the bathroom. Hemcore animal bedding is natural made bedding perfect for poultry, horses and any type of animal that has no negative effect of the animals. While hamster bedding is available at pet stores, if you are in a pinch or would like to save money, you can use shredded paper instead.


Shred plain paper in a paper shredder and use this as hamster bedding. Shred plain, unscented paper towels as an alternative. This type of bedding gets wet easily and does not absorb liquid as quickly as commercially available hamster bedding.


Remove shredded paper as soon as it becomes damp and replace it with new bedding material. Hamsters thrive in a clean, dry environment.


Add shredded tissue paper, unscented toilet tissue or recycled paper to store-bought bedding to give your hamster some extra inexpensive nesting material.


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