How to calculate the percentage of weight loss

The number of pounds you lose is important in determining the effectiveness of you exercise or diet program. The best number to determine the effectiveness, however, is the ratio of weight loss. Percentage of weight loss is more important because it is much easier for someone heavier to lose a large number of pounds of it in a lighter person. You can calculate the percentage of your True Weight Loss yourself, either with paper and pencil or a calculator.


1. Determine the starting weight. The loss ratio is calculated based on weight and the original weight.


2. Determine your current weight. Ask your current weight of your starting weight to determine your total weight loss, or the total pounds lost.


3. Dividing the total loss of your weight (pounds total lost) weight initially. Will come as a result of its own as a decimal; multiply the result by 100 to determine the percentage of your weight loss.


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