How to Approach a Confident Girl

While it's perfectly normal to get nervous when approaching a confident girl, it's not going to help your chances if you're sweaty, stuttering or overcompensating. A girl likes to see her own confidence reflected in those courting her. Overcome any anxiety you might have and just remember a few simple steps when initiating conversation. Once you get the hang of approaching confident girls, your own confidence will shine through and your anxieties will melt away.


1. Groom yourself, especially on days when you may be meeting women. A clean and stylish appearance denotes confidence and self worth. Practice good hygiene and keep up on the latest styles.


2. Gain composure before approaching the girl you have your eye on. If you are nervous, you could try taking a few deep breaths. Remind yourself of your own attributes and accomplishments. Keep in mind that it is just a simple conversation and don't let your anxieties take over. If you appear confident, she will believe you are.


3. Consider what you are going to say. Don't begin with stereotypical pick-up lines. Confident women are attractive and are hit on by men all the time. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Even a simple, "Hello, I noticed you from across the room and would like to introduce myself," makes a better impression than the hackneyed, "Come here often?"


4. Listen to what she has to say. Show that you are paying attention by asking her lots of questions and finding ways to repeat things that she has told you. Find out her interests and establish a common ground. A confident woman knows her own self worth and she appreciates when you take notice.


5. Sell yourself in an honest way. While confident women can be intimidating, don't forget that you are a catch, too. Don't showboat, but rather casually bring up the things about yourself that makes you proud. Use positive adjectives to describe yourself, your interests and the work that you do. If you feel good about yourself, she is sure to, as well.


6. Ask her out in a creative way. Many women are asked out to dinner and drinks. Think outside the box. Think back through your conversation and any common interests that you established. For example, if you both enjoy tennis, you could ask her to meet up for a weekend match.


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