10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs

We have now appeared in a number of popular affiliate programs for bloggers and today I would like to finish off this series by giving some tips that should help bloggers get the best results from any affiliate program that they choose to run with.


1. Consider your audience


It goes without saying - but it's worth putting yourself in the shoes of your readers and to consider what might be looking for as they browse by your blog. They are shopping for specific products? They might be looking for products or related accessories? What could push them to buy? Let's start with the reader in mind rather than the product. If you take this approach, you could end up doing reader's benefit as well as making a few dollars on the side.


2. Recommendations of real and personal endorsements always work better


There are hundreds of thousands of products and services to choose from to recommend to the readers of your blog but making money from them is not as simple as randomly adding links to them from your blog. Readers of your blog back to the blog day after day because of something you resonate with them - they have a certain level of at least trust and respect for you and probably the fastest way to destroy this is to recommend that you buy something that you don 't fully believe will benefit them.


The best results I've had from affiliate programs is where I give a frank and honest assessment of the product - including all of it's strengths and weaknesses. The most successful affiliate program I'm involved with in ProBlogger here is an e-book which I reviewed here Joel Comm. If you're reading this review, you'll see that I say not only readers who think that the book is, but I also mention that it's not for. I sense that criticism. On one level, you might think that this was not a wise move and I should have given glowing reviews - however proven sales that I've had through the program otherwise. People want to know what they are buying first, even if they know the product has its limits and will buy it if it meets their particular needs.


3. Linked to the quality of products


We all like to make sure we buy the best products money can buy - readers do not differ in this and are more likely to make a purchase if you have found them the best products for them. Selection of products and companies that have a good reputation and quality sales pages. There is nothing worse than giving a glowing review of a product only to send the reader to a page that looks cheap and nasty.


4. Deep contextual links work best


When I started using a program assistant Amazon naively thought that all I had to do is put a banner ad Amazon (which connects to the Amazon front page) at the top of my blog. I think my readers to see it and browse more than Amazon and buy up large - which makes me a rich man. Nothing could be further from the truth - I was deluding myself.


I always say I consult with the bloggers that they should learn something from contextual advertising when it comes to affiliate programs. Secret contextual ads like AdSense is that the reader is reading the latest on a particular topic on your blog and when they see an ad for the same product they are more likely to recognize it than if they saw an advertisement for something else. The same applies to affiliate programs. There is a sign to the General page on every page on your web site will not be anywhere near as effective as multiple links throughout your blog to relevant products advertised for readers to read certain parts of your blog.


So if you're writing a blog about MP3 players and a review of a particular product - the affiliate program as effectively as possible, which can link to from within the content of that page to be one direct links to a page selling this form of specific player MP3. This is how I use the Amazon program today. Is more work than contextual advertising because you're not just putting one piece of code in the template, but you need to put the individual links on many pages - but I find it was worth the effort.


5. Consider the positioning of links


One of the things I go on and on about with Adsense optimization is placing ads. I say bloggers to put their ads in the hot spots on the pages (such as the upper part of the left side bar - or within the content - or at the end of the functions mentioned above comments, etc.). The same principles are true Advertising affiliate.


6. Important traffic levels


While it's not the only factor - traffic levels are obviously key when it comes to making money from any online activity approx. The more people that see your well-crafted, relevant and well designed affiliate links the more likely it is that one of them will make the process of buying. So do not only work on your prayer - Work on the construction of a large number of readers. Not only this, and consider how you can direct traffic to your blog to the pages where they are more likely to see your affiliate links.


7. Diversifying without clutter


Do not put all your affiliate efforts in one basket. There are lots of products out there to connect to so there is no need to only work on one. At the same time should not make a mess in your blog with a lot of links avi glatt affiliate program. If you do that you run the risk of diluting the effectiveness of your links can be disappointment readership.


8. Be transparent


Do not try to fool readers into clicking on links that can make you money. While it may not always be feasible to label all affiliate links I think some attempts should be made to let people know what type of link they clicked on. I also think consistency is important with the readers of your blog so we know what to expect. For example here at ProBlogger usually put a note next to or under affiliate links just to let readers know that this is what it is. On my Digital Camera Blog I do not do this because there are a large number of these links make it clear from the text on the link that clicking on it will take them to a kind of shop or information where it is possible to buy .


9. Combine with other sources of income


Affiliate programs and advertising programs are not mutually exclusive things. I came across a few people recently who said they did not want to do affiliate linking because it will take the focus off their Adsense ads. While there is a possibility that takes the focus off the other - and there is also a real possibility for both to work hand-in-hand different readers will respond to a different approach. You must consider the impact that the affiliate links you have other sources of income - but do not let the other one stop.


10. Follow-up Results


Most affiliate programs have at least some kind of tracking or statistics package that allows you to see the links that cannot be effective. Some of these packages are better than others but most will at least allow you to see what is selling and what is not. You can see your results help to plan its efforts in the future. Keep track of what positions work well links, which sells products, the wording on the links work well and others, and use of information that will be collected during the work plan its strategies in the future.


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